My excitement for photography began when I was a very young child. I would pour over our family photo albums and relive all of the events captured and carefully preserved within the pages. I loved to see my family members as younger versions of themselves, and the milestones and moments of everyday life they chose to remember through photographs. 

My big sister gave me my first camera as a gift for my 13th birthday. It was a 110 Instamatic with a built-in flash and I couldn't have been happier. I would judiciously make 24 images, then get the Clark film mailer out of the Sunday paper and mail the cartridge to the lab for processing. My anticipation would build to impossible levels with each passing day awaiting my prints to be returned. Seeing the results of my creation was a thrill that never got old. 

I have been capturing life in action for nearly 40 years. Each time I pick up my camera, I am in awe and anticipation of the unfolding possibilities to make beautiful images of important and every-day moments, shining accomplishments, and joyous celebrations. I feel privileged to do what I love while bringing joy to my clients. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Claudette Ferrone Photography 

Passionate about Capturing Life in Action, holistic wellness, and studying metaphysics and the mind-body connection!

Specializing in Sports Action, Weddings, Events, Theater, and Dance

Shooting Professionally since 2005